Anyone can ask the question “What is the likelihood that you will recommend”, but who will trust the answers? Choosing to measure and track customer loyalty is a critical decision for your business. Equally important is the company you choose as a partner for your loyalty data collection, tracking and reporting. As a certified Net Promoter Partner®, Consumer Contact is uniquely positioned as the North American leader in data collection quality with specific experience and expertise in tracking customer loyalty.

When Net Promoter Score® is used as a key performance metric, it is imperative that a qualified, unbiased third party be used for the data collection and reporting. The data must be seen as being trustworthy and collected in an accurate and reliable manner. The data should be an honest, unfiltered representation of customer perceptions and behaviours. The results and methodology must withstand rigorous internal and external scrutiny. If you’re going to trust your customer loyalty data, you need to trust your data collection partner.

When selecting a data collection partner for your NPS® program, consider the following:

1. Do they have the expertise?

• As a Certified Net Promoter Partner®, Consumer Contact has demonstrated that we have met the demanding standards of Net Promoter® and SatMetrix. • Question Based Digital Voice Recording provides 100% verifiable data

• Consumer Contact has over 50 uniquely trained, full-time B2B Executive Research Interviewers who specialize in engaging in conversations with senior executives.

• We are one of the largest independent data collection companies in North America with 5 call centers and over 450 stations supporting 7 languages and all time zones.

2. Do they have the experience?

• We have over 38 years of data collection and reporting experience and are recognized as leaders in data quality and integrity.

• Consumer Contact has been implementing customer loyalty tracking programs leveraging the principle of NPS since 1997, starting with the original Enterprise Rent-a-Car customer loyalty project described in Fred Reichheld’s The Ultimate Question.

3. Are they committed to their clients?

• Our infrastructure and process has been audited by financial clients that require the highest level of security and reliability.

• Each Consumer Contact client is assigned to a dedicated project team of research professionals who are responsible for all aspects of the loyalty tracking project.

• We have our own highly experienced programmers on site to program all questionnaires. We do not outsource our work to off-shore contractors.

• Consumer Contact provides complete data management services to handle client contact files, source third-party respondent lists, tabulate results and create custom reporting.

4. Do they offer the solutions you need to get started immediately?

• We can track and measure Net Promoter Score® data using telephone, online or a combination of both for those hard-to-reach respondents. We are the only company to use patent-pending Quality Triggers™ to validate the quality of online data.

Consumer Contact Loyalty Monitor (CCLM) is a turnkey solution that measures and tracks customer loyalty with less cost and effort. CCLM is especially effective for small to medium size businesses.

• CCLM “Quick Start” surveys provide first-time clients with an easy to use questionnaire template to quickly begin a loyalty tracking program.

• CCLM has a unique “Hot Alert” process that automatically identifies those respondents identified as Detractors who want to be contacted about their experience.

• CCLM provides custom reports by segment, customer type or line of business. The custom reports can be updated automatically and delivered digitally as a PDF file.

Consumer Contact truly understands the importance of Net Promoter Score®. As your partner in loyalty data collection we have the tools, experience and people to make your NPS® program a resounding success.


Keith Chapin is a Certified Net Promoter® Associate and Consultant with over 35 years of experience in research, marketing and customer insights. He can be reached at

Net Promoter, NPS, and Net Promoter Score are trademarks of Satmetrix Systems, Inc., Bain & Company, Inc., and Fred Reichheld.


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