Must Watch

Must Watch Videos

Ever wondered about Fred Reichheld, the man who created “The Ultimate Question”?  Here is a YouTube video with Reichheld explaining the basics of Net Promoter(TM). This is a “must view” for Net Promoter enthusiasts.

Yes, the Net Promoter concept does work in the real world. Here is a video of CEO Tony Hsieh explaining how Zappos has embraced NPS.  He is young and, now, very, very rich so something worked well for him.

Dell Computers really get it. They use a quarterly NPS to keep track of what they customers are saying about them.

When talking to prospective users of NPS, I make a point of saying that NPS is more than just another metric. It is a way of improving the financial health of your business. Here’s a video of  Neil Berkett, CEO, Virgin Media, summarizing what he’s learned about implementing Net Promoter in his organization. Brief, to the point and important to watch.


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